BN Basketball offers elite training for young men and women who are looking to bring their game to the next level!

Brendan's experience, through both his playing and coaching career, allows him to take a unique approach that provides the necessary training for athletes to take their game to the next level. He will personally work with each trainee to help them achieve their goals. In the first few sessions, he will assess each client's current level of play and identify areas to work on. Each session is designed to improve on areas of weakness and continue to bolster areas of strength. Beyond basketball skills training, he offers weight training packages tailored to the individual.


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Elevate Your Game


Personal Training Sessions are a great choice to receive 1on1 training. Through a strategic mix of skills work and game drills, clients become comfortable with reading game situations. I offer Personal Training Sessions in the greater Boston, MA area. If you’re looking to elevate your game in an individual session, Personal Training Sessions with Brendan Newcomb are for you.


Group Training Sessions are held in the Boston, MA area and offer the same concepts as personal training, but in a group setting. Group Training Sessions can range anywhere from 2 clients to a full team. In Group Training Sessions there is the benefit of live competitive drills against others. Schedule a Group Training Session today.


A Strength Training Program from Brendan Newcomb will be tailored to the individuals body type, needs, and goals. Brendan has been through many programs through his playing career and will put this knowledge to use when creating a personal program for you.


Online Skills Programs can be found in the store. These programs include ball handling, shooting drills, basketball conditioning, and more. Available for a one time fee with access to online support during program use if needed.


"Coach Newcomb is a high level coach and skills trainer. He brings his knowledge of college level drills to each session. Since working with Brendan I have seen tremendous improvements in my game."

Brett H., SG, St. Sebastian's 2021


Since I have started working with Brendan I have improved my off-hand, shooting ability, and overall point guard skills.

Antonio C., PG/SG, Westwood High 2026


"Brendan is an elite level trainer with experience playing at a high level. He was able to analyze my game then show me how to improve strengths and eliminate weaknesses."

Ryan M., PG, Thayer Academy 2021


Coach Newcomb has challenged me physically and mentally. He has pushed me to build up my confidence and character, improve my skills and reach my potential. Brendan transformed my shooting mechanics and helped me shoot more consistently. I look forward to every session because I know I will be receiving a great workout.

Dylan W., Westwood High 2024



61 Circuit St, Boston, MA 02119



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